About Us

Urban City Mission’s is a nonprofit faith-based community development corporation seeking to support and empower communities by providing human services that address immediate and long-term needs in the areas of family services, education, hunger relief, career and business development. Our Mision is to create opportunities for Families and individuals to become productive and contributing members of their local communities.

Community is everything for us, that is why we have been allowed to provide child development, health and wellness instructions to the local community and work with daycare centers, elementary and middle schools to provide on-reman workshops and other services. Therefore enabling us to serve over 300 children and their respective families. These families not only get the instructional assistance, but also counseling those with low income are provided with basic needs assistance.


From its formation Urban City Mission has work to assist people facing hard times and toequip men, women and families to overcome decay and despair. We have accomplished this One person, One family at a time.